Marsha Power 

Owner/President - Master Stylist

Marsha Power is the founder of Garbo. Over the past 30 years she has dedicated herself to creating an energetic and positive atmosphere for you, the life blood of Garbo.

Marsha's career as a stylist started 40 years ago when she attended Pan American University followed by Gulf Coast Barber College. Then off to Vidal Sassoon Hairstyling Academy in New York City to master her skills.

She worked with two of the nation's top design companies, Jay Sebring and Paul Mitchell, before she opened Garbo in 1985. Marsha has hundreds of certifications and has worked on movie sets. Her passion is finding the jewels in life. She begins every day with meditation. Her business is her crown of glory. Welcoming her guests is a joy. She is known in the community as a giver and a fair-minded business woman, reflecting the honor of her trade.

"Developing and watching my team grow is rewarding. I have a bright bunch and I expect their talents to shine. Namaste"

Personal Mission Statement: Guaranteed are my commitments to education, quality service, fair pricing, and loyalty to my tribe, guests and profession.

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