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Dry Shampoo "A Phenomenon"

I would like to take a moment to reflect on what I like to refer to as the "Dry shampoo phenomenon". I grew up in an era where I was not exposed to the everyday use of dry shampoo. I was under the impression that dry shampoo was in the grandma section of the beauty store. Boy was I wrong. Dry shampoo is not just a great tool to make those roller sets last a whole week, it's for everyone.

I started seeing the error in my ways when I overheard a few younger women (millennial age group) talking about using it. They didn't say anything life altering, but just the fact that they freely admitted to one another that they were using what I refer to as "Granny-Poo" sparked my attention. A few months later there was a buzz around the shop "Did you hear?" "Oh my goodness it's going to be great!" "Aveda is coming out with dry shampoo!!" "I can't wait!" ... okay what?

Why was every person around me super excited about Granny-Poo? This was the point where my eyes were opened to the fact that I was clearly missing something. Then... the shipment arrived... It was hairstylist Christmas time. It was flying off the shelves and staff and guests loved it. I was left in a big cloud of dry shampoo dust. I needed to learn and learn fast why everyone loved this product so much.

I drank a cup of coffee, mentally prepared myself, grabbed a pen and paper, and walked into the break room full of some of the trendiest and knowledgeable stylists I've ever met. I braced myself and asked the question, "Why is dry shampoo so great?". I can still see it in slow motion, they stopped and turned with wide eyes and smiles, they were about to educate me to the core and were so excited about it. In my mind they have slow motion deep voices and time slows down around them.

They shared that it refreshes the hair and gives it volume. It makes your style last longer and is healthier for the hair because you're not shampooing it all the time and applying heat to it for your style. So then the question was how to use it? It seemed pretty simple, apply at the roots and work it in when you feel like you need a refresher. I left the room feeling pretty confident, I bought some Granny-Poo and decided to try it the next morning.

The next day I have to admit, I was excited to try my new product. I followed the directions, fluffed, and went to work. My hair was in a ponytail by noon. Where did I go wrong? It should not be that hard right? Well it seems that not everyone can get away with just a few puffs in the morning and expecting to look fabulous all day. Those who have a dryer scalp can do a few morning puffs and look great all day. I, on the other hand, have a pretty oily scalp. Ideally I would shampoo daily to feel my best. Others can go days and still look great. Next lesson learned, dry shampoo is for everyone... but everyone may use it a little differently depending on their needs.

So I asked a stylist, "Why isn't this working for me?" She suggested applying it at night before bed so it would absorb the oil as it occurs. Mind blown. That made perfect sense! A few days later while getting ready for bed I decide to try her idea. I decided on my own that I had a pretty oily scalp so maybe I needed more than normal... No... the answer was no. I was the new spokesperson for Granny-Poo, I turned my hair white. Let's paint the picture, In my nightgown and robe, I've turned my hair white, my husband is in bed and the light is off in our bedroom. I go climb in bed and he rolls over to hug me... he breathed in my excess Granny-Poo and I thought I killed him. Poor guy. Don't make my mistake friends, less is more, don't suffocate your spouse with dry shampoo.

Needless to say I had to wash my hair in the morning before work. The next night I did a fraction of my original test and it actually worked! I was so happy, I figured out how to use dry shampoo! Just recently someone suggested that I put just a little bit in as soon as I'm finished styling my hair to make it last. Genius! The moral of the "dry shampoo phenomenon" is go buy some dry shampoo, once you figure it out it's awesome... and it's not just for Granny.

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