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Forgot to Schedule Your Future Reservation? What to do -

So as you may know from my previous blogs I am a salon director. As a director I know that I should book my appointments ahead of time, but I don't. Why you ask? Well it's a simple answer, I'm completely lying to myself. At the end of every appointment I somehow convince myself that I will "check my schedule" or "schedule it as soon as I know my kids schedule"... nope. Never happens. I then land in the super uncomfortable place that I did today.

You see this morning while doing my hair I suddenly noticed my roots, like over night I sprouted 1/2 an inch of hair. Obviously this was not the case but I did my best to fix it and hope no one would notice. Well, I was kidding myself, while I was making my first cup of coffee at the salon one of the stylists asked the dreaded question, "So when are you going to come see me?" Nooo! It's noticeable! At least she said it nicely. I immediately looked at the schedule, much to my dismay, no staff appointments for weeks. The reality of my current situation is that I probably will not get my hair done for at least a month. Guest appointments take priority so as a staff member I am at the bottom of the list to get in. I fortunately am not super grey and I won't look like a skunk, but I sure won't look my best.

I know the frustration and I understand it when our guests are upset when they call and can't get in when they want. The simplest solution to this problem to book ahead. Our frontdesk team plays what I like to call "Hair Tetris", they always do their best to accommodate everyone and fit everyone in. Unfortunately sometimes it just doesn't work. My suggestions if you find yourself in this situation:

#1 DO NOT under any circumstance color your hair at home, it will ruin your hair, I promise.

#2 Get on your stylists wait list and call to check in periodically to see where you are on the list.

#3 Ask who your stylist recommends as a substitute. Your stylist may have even trained one of the other stylists on the techniques they use on your hair.

#4 Schedule something, even if it's a month away. It's better to have something on the schedule than nothing at all hoping someone cancels.

#5 Schedule your next appointment so you don't have to stress next time you need your hair done.

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