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Taking the words right out of our mouths...

Every so often on Wednesday, we do a feature called Wordless Wednesday. It features a picture, often a scenic view of a place in Texas or some other fascinating part of the world. "Vacationesque" is how we like to describe it.

These pictures are to places to we have been, or maybe we've dreamed about going to. They are the places that our friends travel to and from, near and far. But, more importantly they are forever photographed for our readers, our own minds and the whole wide world (hello--internet!) to see. A moment in time.

We love Wordless Wednesday for a variety of reasons: it lets us dream of where we want to go next, or let's us revisit a special place we've been. But, our favorite reason is because it is our moment in time to travel away from the everyday chaos and stress that life brings and let's us reflect or dream...without words.

So much of our everyday is taken by the constant reminder that life calls--whether it's our phones ringing, babies crying, dogs barking, talking with friends and more, it's nice to disconnect the brain for a second and take in a pretty (or sometimes interesting!) sight.

What do you think of taking a moment of quietness and not using any words? See if you can not talk for five minutes while at dinner tonight. It's harder than you think.

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