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Top 5 questions About Salon Ediquette

1. Can I bring my kids with me while I get my hair done? Ideally, No. When you arrive at the salon the goal is to insure that you are relaxed and escaping from everyday life. We also want to insure the experience of the other guests in the salon. When your kids are with you it may take away from the full experience. We also understand if you do not have another option and welcome children to the salon at all times. Many of us at the salon are parents ourselves and understand the "babysitter struggle". We would rather you come with your kids then not at all.

2. How much do I tip? Tipping is a hard topic, it really depends on you and your service. I typically suggest 15% to 20% as an average tip on a service. Tipping is always optional, you should not ever feel obligated to tip if you do not feel comfortable and can tip more or less than suggested.

3. What if I can't get in with my stylist and I want to schedule with someone else? Is that cheating? No, not at all. In some salons you might get that dirty look across the room from your stylist as you sit in someone else's chair. That's not okay. We record formulas and notes for that very reason. We want you to love you hair no matter who does the service and we want you to get it done when you need it. Our salon works as a team, never feel weird about seeing someone else.

4. Can I talk on my cell phone during my service? It is preferred that your phone is on silent and tucked away. It is very difficult for your stylist to do your hair while you are holding a phone on your ear. Even looking down at your phone can disrupt the quality of your service. In addition, it is very disrupting to those trying to relax around you. If you do need to check your phone please do so while your color is processing or after your service.

5. When is it considered too late to cancel? We ask for 24 hours notice. We ask for this so we have the chance to fill your time slot. Many times other guests want your time slot and are on the wait list, when you give us notice it gives us a chance to let them know. When you no-show or arrive too late (15 minutes or later) to receive the scheduled service it directly effects the stylist you see as they work on commission. We do understand sometimes situations arise that may prevent you from being on time or attending your appointment at all. Please always just give us a call and we will always work with you and try to get you rescheduled as soon as we can.

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