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Why can't I do my hair like my Stylist?

I was recently asked a question while at work, it was as follows, "Why don't you do your hair more often? I mean you work in a salon."

Well, The sad part about that is that I actually did my hair that morning. You see I am a salon manager and 3 years ago I landed my dream job... but on top of that I hold about 40 million other titles, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister... I could go on. That question got me thinking, why do I suck at doing my hair? I've worked in salon's for 18 years, you would think that at some point I would have picked up a few tricks. Apparently not.

I am a busy person and after I get the rest of my family ready to get out the door in the morning the very last thing I feel like doing is spending 45 minutes doing my hair. To be honest, most of the time it's not completely dry when I get in the car. (I'm sure every person I work with just cringed when they read that.) The problem is, the day of that comment I actually spent time on my hair, I mean it was dry and even had product in it!

Why did it look like I wasn't doing my hair? So I asked my closest friend... my stylist. She knows all of my dirty secrets she's better than my therapist, so I knew she would be honest. Low and behold, she told me the truth. She did a consultation on me, she talked to me about what I was using at home, what I wasn't using, and how much time I was willing to spend on my hair. I realized something in that moment, I used my hair appointment as a time to hang out and not what it was intended for, to learn about my hair.

I should have already known this. It was a mistake on both sides of the appointment. My stylist assumed that I knew how to do my own hair and didn't guide me on what to do and how to do it... probably because I work there... but that's not the point. I didn't know any better so I just hung out and talked about my kids and what was new in my life. I've been missing out on years of awesome hair!

I wish I knew to ask the questions and I knew what products to use. I was even a little self conscious about asking questions because I felt silly not knowing the answers to things that were so obvious to her. I learned a valuable lesson and I want to pass that on to all of the other non-hairstylists out there that have the same struggles I do in the morning. Ask questions!

These amazing men and women went to school and then do countless hours of education every year to make your hair look fabulous. They can create an easy regimen for you in the morning, recommend products that were created just for you and your needs. They want you to look your best and so do you. It's really a win-win situation if you just talk about it. The staff at our salon is literally there to teach our guests how to look amazing, it's worth asking the questions.

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