Steffan Bentley

G5 Master Mentor Artist

In 2011 Steffan began working with Garbo A Salon & Spa, where he quickly became the Education & Creative Director. As the Education Director for Garbo A Salon & Spa, Steffan has created an extensive broadband Hair color, Cutting, Styling, and Business curriculum that all new hires at Garbo A Salon & Spa go through. Steffan also maintains a steady flow of advanced education classes for all of thee seasoned hair. In addition, Steffan is committed to education beyond Garbo A Salon & Spa. Steffan is a Certified Aveda Color Educator, as well as a Certified Red Chocolate Educator. In these roles Steffan travels the region teaching Aveda Hair Color Formulation Classes, and Hair Color Business Classes. Steffan hopes to give back to the community, and inspire other hair stylist in connecting the business and art of hair color.

As the Creative director of Garbo A Salon and Spa, Steffan has produced multiple shows benefiting non-profit organizations, as well as participated in countless other shows. In 2010, he was nominated for the Austin Fashion Week Teams Award. He also has a passion for taking the artistic lead in high fashion photo shoots. Steffan find this to be a creative outlet and way to more than just hair, but a way to create art. Steffan has been published in six different magazines. Please feel free to view his portfolio at:

Steffan became a stylist so that he could create art every day; as well as inspire, enrich, and brighten the lives of others. To him, creating art means bringing life to a work, no matter the medium or the muse. Steffan draws on inspiration from his surroundings-- perhaps the color of a leaf in a tree or the way paint drips down a wall. "The world is an inspiring place; all we have to do is open our eyes to see beauty."

His initial training was at the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2007. Since Steffan completed his training at the Aveda Institute he has had the opportunity to take over 50 advanced education classes, training with some of Aveda’s most respected hair artists. Steffan has had extensive advanced education classes in Hair Color, Styling, Hair Sculpting, Extensions, Editorial Work, and the Business side of our industry.

Steffan believes fully in the mission at Aveda and Garbo A Salon and Spa. Connecting Beauty, Wellness, and Environmental Responsibility. With that being said, Steffan is a National Ambassador for Green Circle Salons, which is a Sustainable and Environmentally responsible company that works towards diverting 95% of salon waist out of land fields.

He also fully believes that your hair color service should be performed with the intention of Love, Consistency, and Integrity, and looks forward to meeting you soon.

Personal Mission Statement: My mission is to care for everyone that sits in my chair. I promise to use my education, knowledge, and skill set to do everything I can to allow your inner beauty to shine on the outside.

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