Corona Cozy

Corona Cozy

Pete Tweed

Corona Cozy?

Who would have thought we could enjoy so much time off? After all, we are a over-worked and under-payed society and we’ve given way to Corona cozy. As I prompted our tribe to get out of COVID-19 clothes and start working to open more space for guest bookings, I realized we have created a hybrid work life. We now have more time in cozy isolation.

Each day I check our books for availabilities to make sure our stylists are available for guests, or check to see if letting them stay home is a better choice. This is something new since COVID, but I see an expiration date coming soon. In the near future, I see our stylists being fully booked. Why? It’s simple. Who wants to look and be Corona cozy forever?
Who wants their highlight of the week to be a trip to the grocery store forever? Put down your screen of choice and book your appointment .
Hair, skin and nails will once again be part of our daily lives to lift up our spirits and get us back into the game of life and the jobs we love. We miss that life, but improvements are emerging.
I get to conduct a beautiful orchestra called Garbo everyday.  Each player gets to enjoy on and off time. The sounds we dole out are everything from classical to hipster modern. It's beautiful music! As we blend Corona cozy with our strong work ethics, quality work and guest-focused service, we are able to rest, play and work in harmony. We are forging ahead!
See you at Garbo soon. We are safe and continue our high protocols with sign-ins each visit for tracking. No in-house cases have been reported and we are happy to make you look and feel amazing. You help us too. Garbo is socially alive and we ask you to get out of your pajamas and come play with us!
In gratitude,
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