Marsha Power

I never really understood pregnancy brain, so at my age chemo brain is new and scary. Younger people discount my age and wisdom too quickly, so vying for position is an interesting dance. They will win this round as I can recognize that I’m experiencing a little malfunction. But trust me, it's not as much as the tech addicted millennial, little old lady in the shoe, or the ever growing earbud-wearing rudies of all generations.

But... it's daunting. The brain we learn to rely on. The mind /brain lies to us about everything. The heart is my only truth… good thing it’s Valentines week. Love is real.

Meditation is seeping back in and offering a much needed rest from my mind. I am contemplating offering a new meditation class in May - email me at if interested.

I am having my hair done on Tuesdays by Ava - she offered doing my COLD CAP CHEMO hair with old school sponge rollers. She is 18, but she knows how to use them! You must be gentle, gentle on the hair. Our stylist Liz Lamb says to treat it like fine lace – a good way to put it. I also continue to have facials mostly for hydration and relaxation.

Happy love bunny month, lovebirds.

Love, Garbo A Salon

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Namaste, Marsha Power

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