Pink Is My (New) Favorite Color

Pink Is My (New) Favorite Color

Marsha Power

Last October, the color pink didn’t mean anything to me. What a difference a year makes! I had been walking around with blinders on about breast cancer - I falsely believed that it only affected women who were more endowed than I am. I got mammograms done regularly, but I didn’t take them that seriously. After my personal experience with breast cancer this year, I realized that so many people around me have also been affected, and I am now taking it a lot more seriously.

With my initial diagnosis, I saw a cancer specialist who recommended that I get 24 chemotherapy treatments, as well as a mastectomy. Needless to say, I was scared at the prospect of such a lengthy and invasive treatment plan. Thankfully a client recommended that I get a second opinion with a breast cancer specialist named Dr. Debra Patt. After evaluating my case, Dr. Patt felt that I only needed 4 chemotherapy treatments and a lumpectomy, along with radiation. What a relief!  

Dr. Patt is a champion of women and has gone to bat for us, even testifying before Congress to advocate for cancer patients (you can watch her testimony here, starting at the 2 hour, 25 minute mark). My treatment team also included Heather King - the best surgeon in Austin, in my opinion. These two women made a significant difference in my recovery. Though their reputations preceded them, and once I met them I knew that I was in the best hands in Austin. I am so grateful that my clients led me to both of these amazing women.

All this is to say that the color pink has become a really big deal to me. If you walk into Garbo, you’ll see a lot more of pink this year. I – and the Garbo world by extention – now have a lot more awareness about breast cancer, the importance of regular screenings and good doctors, and awareness about cold caps (which you can read about in my previous blogs). Through Garbo, I have and will continue to spread these messages near and far.

For the month of October, Garbo will be asking for a $1 donation for with each service to subsidize funding for cold caps for women earning less than $40,000 per year, through Hair To Stay.

We will also be accepting $5 donations for a chance to win a gift basket containing zipline tickets, theater tickets, an organic bottle of wine, salon services, salon products, and more.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Garbo and myself!


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