Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle

Marsha Power

Along with my body, my hair got weak after chemotherapy and radiation. To combat that, I am using Aveda’s Invati shampoo and conditioner in addition to getting botanical deep conditioners at the salon. I am also taking Viviscal hair medicine to promote growth. I highly recommend Viviscal, but if the cost (about $50) is too steep, I would also recommend Biosil for $25.

Dry skin has also been an issue for me, but Aveda’s Beautifying Body Moisturizer really helps – it feels lovely going on and smells nice too! Skinceuticals also has great options – try their Daily Moisture or Emollience!

Need a hot body? Check out Practical Fitness and request a private session with Jeff or Grace – personalized attention with no paparazzi!

My favorite summer services are back facials...and pedicures of course. Send me a private email at to receive an offer for a half price summer facial!

We also have a wonderful promotion coming up: all teachers will receive $20 off a service of their choice during the month of August. Gotta give our teachers some love!

Stay cool!

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