Hair-Made Diamonds...Are Your Interests Peaked?

Have you heard? Have you heard? You can now have your hair turned into diamonds. How about giving THAT Bling to your sweet thing? Scientists and a few entrepreneurial companies have developed a technique to create diamonds from human hair or the ashes of those who have passed on. Using the latest technologies, these companies offer a wide variety of diamond options, colors, and cuts to design and personalize your diamonds.

Garbo A Salon & Spa found this idea interesting as we cut hair 7 days a week. We began thinking about all the bundles of hair we sweep up and saw diamonds for our guests. While the process to create these precious gems is not cheap, we considered our customers and those who might want to save their hair for the creation of their very own personal diamond. Garbo will gladly help you collect your hair after a service should you ever be interested in making a diamond of yourself. With this, you can receive an exclusive diamond with a unique code that carries the essence of yourself or a loved one from any of the companies listed below.




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