Wise Money

Roger Waters once penned a song called “Money”. You might have a love or hate relationship with the music of Pink Floyd, but most can agree to have heard this particular song played out over the years on the radio. One phrase in the song states “You get a good job with good pay and you’re okay”. If getting a well paying job is the only requirement to being “okay”, more of us would have it made. Most of us unfortunately, even those with well paying jobs, still often struggle with the management of that money. This can put us in a not so “okay” position. We want to explore for a moment with you 5 helpful tips that aim to ensure you are making the most out of the money you work hard to earn.

  1. Nerd Wallet - - This site is on a mission to save you money by using price-comparison tools to find savings on dozens of financial products. Find high-yield checking accounts, low interest credit cards, and match other services and savings that best match your financial lifestyle. The results are personalized according to your current spending habits and debt.
  1. Mint - - Intuit, the company that brought you Quickbooks, brings you Mint. Mint is a highly automated way to track personal finances and budget your money. This quick and simple tool integrates with all major bank and financial institutions to alert you if you are approaching credit card limits, bank overdraft, or bill due dates. Setup and stay on top of your budget with this great tool. Without a budget, you are not in control of your finances; they are in control of you.
  1. Unclaimed Property & Money – - Each state has a government site for unclaimed property. If you have uncollected checks from previous employment, or perhaps a company reimbursed you without your knowledge. Whatever the reason for unclaimed property, there is possibly some out there with your name on it. Checking on this site annually will help you find the occasional bonus you were unaware existed.
  1. Credit Scores - - You have seen the commercials for free credit scores and a jingle to boot. Don’t be fooled. Checking your credit score annually is very important and absolutely free without any memberships if you use the official site. You may also directly call the three credit bureaus to get a free credit report. Knowledge is power! Checking annually helps protect against ID theft and keep you aware of any activities taking place on your credit.

Transunion – 1.800.888.4213

Equifax – 1.800.685.1111

Experion – 1.888.397.3742

  1. Local Deals – Save on the things you love most. Search local deals. Most every business runs specials and sales. Staying up to date with your favorite businesses will keep you alerted in advance of great savings. Garbo has many outlets we use to alert our customers of upcoming events, specials, and sales. We also offer an Experience card and the Garbonian card at the front-desk; this describes the upcoming yearly specials and offering discounts on a variety of our services. Inquire with the front-line team on your next visit to receive a card. Below are links to the places we first alert our guests to upcoming,, and

We hope these few ideas may help you better manage and take control of your financial life; enabling you to enjoy more, live free of worry, and start building positive cash flow in place of debt. We urge you to visit some of the mentioned sites and check out the services offered to help you in your journey to financial freedom.

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