Charlie Power

Director of Happiness

Ruff! Ruff! I’m Charlie Power the Director of Happiness!I joined the company in 2018. When I started, I was very young, and people didn’t take me seriously.

Once I got used to the sounds of people talking and hair dryers blowing, I got more comfortable being at the salon. Once that happened, my mom, Marsha Power, saw how much people adored me and decided to make me the Director of Happiness.

Aside from being the Director of Happiness, I’m also the hair and skincare expert. Well, sort of. Each month I send out a newsletter “ASK CHARLIE”with tips I get from our expert stylists and esthetician. I encourage you to sign up for it at and watch for it to see what I have to share.Orask me questions about hair, skin or nails and I’ll answer it in my newsletter. You should email me your questions at

My favorite charity is Austin Pet’s Alive. We do an annual fundraiser for them and give our guests an opportunity to participate. My favorite saying is, “Don’t go around looking ruff, ruff. Come to Garbo to fluff, fluff!” Be happy!

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