Changes Are All Around!

Changes Are All Around!

Marsha Power

Change is all around us. We just stepped into Fall, the election is around the corner, we continue to deal with the pandemic and all its affects on our employment practices and our social lives, our nation lost one of its most highly respected and powerfully influential women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and I’m left wondering how do we manage so many significant changes at the same time and not get dizzy? 

I wish I had a universal answer that fit for everyone. The answer the fits for Garbo A Salon is simply always practice fairness in equality and to seek to live in a higher state of consciousness. We know changes are taking place and they are very challenging for many of us, so our goal is to offer our guests an experience that brings a bright spot into their world!
Garbo is committed to serving a diverse clientele with different budgets. When making your appointment, our guest services person will visit with you about style and preferences for your hair and make a recommendation for your hair type and budget. We offer various price levels for cuts($37 to $100), and have multi-texture hair services available. 
What’s Happening
Seasonal fashion and hair styles normally change this month. Pink is taking over the runways. For a look, click on this link.
October is a fun month for us. We let the little kid in us come out to play and we dress up for Halloween. We want to invite you to have fun with us during our annual Halloween Costume Competition. You’ll vote for your favorite costume, and the staff member who receives the most votes wins $100. We will have a winner at each location.
As we continue to go through changes, please remember our goal at Garbo is to add a bright spot in your world. Let us turn on your light! It is our honor and pleasure to serve you with great care. We appreciate you and your business!
In gratitude,
P.S. Curbside pick-up is still available at both locations. Just call us, OR book online and shop AVEDA at We encourage everyone to get your vote out this year. You can determine the location to place your vote by clicking here, and click here if you need to register to vote first. 
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