new associate stylist

Garbo is looking for one stylist to join our team. You must be a person who aspires to go the distance, to succeed, build a career, willing to learn, and to thrive within our tribe and our company. Garbo is a multi-location, 32 year veteran of the industry, a Salon Today Top 200 winner, and the recipient of the Austin Chronicle 2014 Readers’ Poll award for the best hair salon in Austin. We are looking to find just one person to grow with our company.

Do you soar above your peers, and consider yourself the "top of your class"? Garbo A Salon & Spa has room to add “ONE” Stylist to our award winning Garbonian Tribe. To join us, you must be a person who aspires to go the distance, to succeed, build a career, and to thrive within our tribe and our company.

Garbo provides advanced continuing education in-house for all tribe members, and expects that each member to be willing to invest in further outside education. We follow the Inspiring Champions system, Red Chocolate, and Strategies systems. We require you to attend two outside education classes each year and bring the knowledge back to share with the rest of our tribe.

Position requirements:

You are exceptional, motivated, and a tribe player who is eager to learn and apply their knowledge in an environment of integrity, and love for each other, our guest, and our shared passion for service. You have strong communication skills and the ability to connect with others and create long term relationships. Time management and organizational skills are second nature to you. You are attentive to details and patient with people. You are loyal to your company and your tribe, and have impeccable presentation and professional demeanor.

Leading a balanced life is important to you. You are inspiring and uplifting to be around and reliable, trustworthy, and accountable for yourself and others you work with. You show up and are able to separate your personal and work life, while maintaining a good sense of humor and flexibility.

You are coachable and able to hear and accept constructive feedback and make the necessary changes required. You honor your commitments and complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner. You value wellness and are positive, punctual, confident, and professional while always striving for 5-star service, and guest satisfaction.

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to hit the floor and show us why you deserve to be among our tribe? Are you ready to learn what the business of your business is and how to succeed and grow with a group of greats? Are your sheers sharpened, your tools ready, and your “Day-Maker” heart beating with the passion that drives you beyond your best?

Position Responsibilities:

Starting out schedule 2 late nights, weekends to build, attend all education classes. Teach. Do daily numbers. Bring in a minimum of 5 guests a month. Keep your social media clean, connect to ours. Provide a monthly or more before and after. Champion one if the social media sites for us at the beginning post on Salons, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Shampoo and sweep for others. Treat our guests like ALL OUR guests.

If this sounds like you and you would like an opportunity to meet with our management team please email your resume and cover letter to,, and

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