Steven Strazzullo

Senior Artist
With more than a decade of experience shaping both art and relationships, Steven Strazzullo, our esteemed Senior Artist, has dedicated his career to crafting beauty and fostering meaningful connections.

For over 10 years, Steven has stood behind the chair, collaborating with remarkable women to transform their hair into living works of art. His journey has been defined by a deep involvement with Aveda salons, where he honed his skills and contributed to the industry's forefront. Not stopping there, he even ventured into entrepreneurship, owning and running his own studio – a testament to his passion and dedication.

Steven's expertise shines brightest in the realms of cutting and color. His precision and creativity combine to produce hair transformations that go beyond expectations. But Steven isn't just about the technique; he's about understanding you and your unique hair needs.

His commitment to creating personalized experiences sets him apart. Whether it's a classic cut or an avant-garde color, Steven approaches each client as an opportunity to collaborate and bring their vision to life. With Steven by your side, you're not just getting a haircut or a color change – you're embarking on a journey of self-expression and discovery.

So, if you're looking for an artist who not only masters hair but also creates connections that last, Steven Strazzullo is your answer. Welcome him into your hair journey, and get ready to experience the fusion of skill, innovation, and personal attention that sets him apart.

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