Marsha Power

In another week, I will post about my experience after my first chemotherapy treatment, but I’m currently fretting that my guest list is limited to two. How am I going to get my Penguin Cold Cap representative (this saves your hair, ladies!), two personal friends, and myself all situated for this new experience? I think chocolate for the nurses will help!

Stay tuned for more about the Cold Cap. I am shocked to find out that health care systems in many countries around the world provide these caps for women undergoing cancer treatment free of charge or at greatly reduced costs, but we don’t in the US. I believe that’s because we need more education about these caps and what they can do, and that is something I intend to change. These caps have a high success rate – up to 90% of women who use them keep most of their hair during chemo. I am excited to have the opportunity to use the Penguin Cold Cap during my treatment!

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