Trial Tips:

1. Schedule a trial up-do with the stylist you are planning on seeing the day of. Insure that stylist will be available the day of the wedding and schedule the appointment you want ahead of time. If you are planning on getting makeup, schedule a trial for this as...

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No. That's the simple answer. There is 3 major differences and 1 typical result.


I know for a fact that I can not apply color to myself with any sort of precision or grace. I will admit... when I was young I tried box color and even Sun-In, just horrible. When I look...

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1. Can I bring my kids with me while I get my hair done? Ideally, No. When you arrive at the salon the goal is to insure that you are relaxed and escaping from everyday life. We also want to insure the experience of the other guests in the salon. When your kids are with...

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So as you may know from my previous blogs I am a salon director. As a director I know that I should book my appointments ahead of time, but I don't. Why you ask? Well it's a simple answer, I'm completely lying to myself. At the end of every appointment I somehow convince myself that I will...

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I would like to take a moment to reflect on what I like to refer to as the "Dry shampoo phenomenon". I grew up in an era where I was not exposed to the everyday use of dry shampoo. I was under the impression that dry shampoo was in the grandma section of the beauty store. Boy was I wrong. Dry...

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I was recently asked a question while at work, it was as follows, "Why don't you do your hair more often? I mean you work in a salon."

Well, The sad part about that is that I actually did my hair that morning. You see I am a salon manager and 3 years ago I landed my dream job... but on...


As seasons change, our skin can become imbalanced while trying to acclimate. We are just starting to feel the first signs of cold weather here in Austin. If you are experiencing signs of mild dryness, some simple changes to your skin care routine can alleviate these symptoms.


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Summer is here, any MUST KNOW tips for our skin?

For summer the most important skin care tip is to wear sunscreen everyday. Not just on your face, but also on your neck and chest as these areas of skin are just as sensitive as the skin on your face.

Also, it is a great idea to...


We all play hard in the summer. Sun, sand, sandals, and swimming take a toll on our hands and feet. Lack of exfoliation and lasting moisturization is the main culprit of summer nail problems. Here are a few tips to keep them in tip-top condition.

*Make an invigorating scrub by adding...

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The August issue of Natural Awakenings landed on stands around town this week, and includes an an interview article with our fiercely passionate owner, Marsha Power. The...


Have you heard? Have you heard? You can now have your hair turned into diamonds. How about giving THAT Bling to your sweet thing? Scientists and a few entrepreneurial companies have developed a technique to create diamonds from human hair or the ashes of those who have passed on. Using the...


Roger Waters once penned a song called “Money”. You might have a love or hate relationship with the music of Pink Floyd, but most can agree to have heard this particular song played out over the years on the radio. One phrase in the song states “You get a good job with good pay and you’re...


Every so often on Wednesday, we do a feature called Wordless Wednesday. It features a picture, often a scenic view of a place in Texas or some other fascinating part of the world. "...


In the 28 years Garbo has been in the neighborhood, we have become more than just a business, but an active and supportive member of this community and our city. The 78757 and surrounding ZIP codes are a close knit group of small businesses and neighbors, and we see ourselves as one of those...


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