Good Leadership & Garbo Holidays!

Good Leadership & Garbo Holidays!

Marsha Power

Good leadership has never been as important as it is right now. Our families require good leadership, our businesses thrive on it, organizations depend on it, and good leadership is essential for our communities to remain vibrant. Never before, in my lifetime, have we dealt with so much at one time. We’re in a global pandemic, there is civil unrest in our country and we have an economic crisis on our hands. As a business owner, I question my own leadership. Am I perfect? No. Am I real? I like to think so. Good leadership builds an inspiring vision and good leadership motivates a team to accomplish its goal.

For years, my vision for Garbo A Salon has been to make our business a well respected leader in our offer guests a place to come and leave feeling they have been cared for. In order to accomplish this I knew we had to have the best possible team, so we clearly focus on education. Garbonians have access to the best training. This helps us fine-tune our talents and builds confidence in our ability to serve our guests with exceptional care. In this season, exceptional care means we continue to follow high COVID-19 protocols to keep you and each other safe. It means showing our guests compassion and love during a time when creating safe-space is the norm. It means listening to our guests and appreciating the opportunity we have to serve you. It also means we try to be the best we can be for you each day!

For me leadership is about helping Garbonians be self-leaders in their craft. Each day we work on establishing our culture that says, YES WE CAN! Our work as leaders is to replace fear with love. It’s very motivating and it’s beautiful for me to watch Garbonians share this culture with each other. It’s a vibe that can’t be denied and shows itself in the way we honor our guests.

AND speaking of guests, Garbo A Salon could not have lasted over 30-years without you, our guests. Your support and walking beside us in good times and not so good times made us an industry leader. People often think leadership is about strength coming from one person, I say it’s about strength coming from all of us with a common have peace, success, health and love!

As we move forward, let’s count our blessings, show love, be good leaders, seek happiness and be grateful. Garbo has been blessed in love with two babies due soon, and FIVE marriages in 2020! Blessings are all around and if you search for good news, you will find stories of people helping strangers, dog rescues and so much more. Look around for what’s right with the world and you will find that compassion and love exist and leadership is needed to keep those at the forefront of our daily lives, especially in these times.

Garbo will enjoy our Halloween Costume Contests (be sure to vote today on our social media or in salon for your favorites), Friendsgivings and Thanksgiving, along with a busy December celebrating cultural holidays from around the world.

With love and heartfelt gratitude,


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Good Leadership & Garbo Holidays!