Gratitude and Giving Back

Gratitude and Giving Back

Jonathan Jones

Gratitude and Giving Back!

Garbo is up to something good. I’m happy to share we are on the upswing!
Our team is healthy and safe and we are so grateful to our guests for their trust and support.

Look around for joy! It's a gift ready to be unpacked. Our daily focus on fear can be put behind us when our thoughts are focused on abundance and joy. Silly? Not really, I challenge you to spend some time in gratitude and watch what happens.

My advice is to look past what you fear and focus on the positive results that await you at the end. For instance, I see Garbo full of happy guests and our team working in gratitude, not fear. Jonathan sees full parking lots. He notices the small things and celebrates. My point is, look in your mind and see a future where we are all done with fear, blame and judgment. See a time where all Americans are safe and happy. We’ve gotten so far off track, but our future can be bright if we turn on our light and spread goodness in thought and deed.

We’re redefining success during this pandemic.

Success for me looks different these day. My team has suggested we give back to our community by holding a benefit for out-of-work Austin restaurant service providers. We want to know if you have a favorite we can contact? If so, submit your name and story to Deadline is August 31st.

We will read your stories and select the top five. If your submission is picked, your favorite service person will receive hair services for six months and you will be gifted $100 in Garbo credit.

Gratitude and Giving Back is our focus. Why limit your gratitude? It might be for your neighbor, nurses or someone else. Do you have any thoughts on who we should focus on for our next campaign of giving?

Our team is here in service for you, and our 20/20/20 campaign is doing great!
You get $20 in your Garbo account for sending us a new guest...who also gets $20 off first service and 20% off Aveda! You can call in your orders for curbside too. This ends August 31st.

We’re grateful we are open and rebuilding our company with our lovely Garbonians!

In Loving Gratitude, 


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