It’s Getting Cold In Here!

It’s Getting Cold In Here!

Marsha Power

Marsha is continuing to fight - and win! - her battle with breast cancer. Now on the other side of her chemotherapy treatment, she is happy to report on her successful use of cold caps. Marsha’s main goal in using cold caps was to learn about them firsthand, so she could educate our Garbo guests about options for those facing chemotherapy. The bonus for Marsha was keeping 80% of her hair, which also allowed her to maintain privacy about her diagnosis in public.

If you’re considering using cold caps for your chemo treatment, you’ll need to know a few things. The caps, outfitted with dry ice or electric cooling mechanisms, keep your scalp at -32ºFahrenheit. That’s right, negative thirty two degrees! You will be wearing the cap for seven hours each time you receive a chemo treatment, so you will have some long days in store. Finally, you’ll want to start planning early because you must have the cold cap with you before you begin your first chemo treatment.

To find out more about cold caps, we recommend the following resources:, (electric caps), and (manual/dry ice caps).

Feel free to contact Marsha at with any questions about her experience.

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Namaste, Marsha Power

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