Marsha Power

Everyone is telling me I need to learn how to relax, which is pretty hard for a Type A person. What do people do to relax? Retail therapy maybe?

With that in mind, I found myself at Stein Mart and successfully found more black pants to add to the 40+ pair I already have. From there I went to the purse department to find a new purse, wallet, and an evening clutch for the Human Rights Campaign’s gala this weekend. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice from behind me saying “That sure is an ugly blouse.” Mr. Milton himself emerged from the racks to upset the purse cart and re-evaluate all of my already made purchase decisions. I held my ground as he questioned my picks, and allowed him to adjust my everyday purse choice to another bag that I really did like. But when it came to my evening clutch, let’s just say my taste and Mr. Milton’s did not mesh well. The final purse tally was Milton: 1 purse, and Marsha: 2 purses, which seems fair to me. From there, he ushered me to the shoe department. I left with two new pairs of shoes, all ready for Spring, handpicked by Mr. Milton. I’m wondering if this retail therapy thing is working out for me!

If it wasn’t clear, I really did enjoy running into Mr. Milton – he sure did make the experience much more interesting!

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