Ring the Darn Bell

Ring the Darn Bell

Pete Tweed


Why, oh why Every darn commercial, TV talk show, etc. is talking about the return of cancer… well you don't have my permission dude! Am I better after triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma? Yes I am. Spiritually it has been a shakeup, but I am returning to love. Mentally…oh my goddess, how lovely my friends and family have been! Did I just live in a bubble and not realize how wonderful my life and business were? Thankfully, they have survived my meltdown and treatments. I truly am in awe of the goodness around me.

Am I better? Yes, because I see and feel more love. I thought if I gave it, I wouldn't need anything back so I stopped expecting any…Once I needed it, boy, was I showered in everything one person needs to survive, thrive, and beat it!

Still can't say the C-word...I actually named it Bob. Now, on to radiation and healing. By July, the stories will be about travel, teamwork, love, friendships, and my 1949 pickup! With updates from team members, I hope!

Stay tuned for fundraising at Garbo for hairtostay.org. This next part below will only be useful to hairdressers- it's the instructions for my after the cold cap care.

Love, Marsha


Frequently Asked Hair Care Questions:

Q. How long do I continue with the limited washing?
A. At least two days afterwards, then keep it to a minimum, and use below
body temperature water on your scalp for as long as your hair is still shedding.  It can be 1-2 months after chemo depending on the condition of your hair.

Q. How long until I can blow dry?
A. You can blow dry your hair with cold air but not with heat mode on.
Except, if you have long hair you can use heat on the long lengths, but NO
heat direct to the scalp for a few months after chemo.
Q. How long until I can color?
A. At least 6 months after your last chemo.   If you want to color sooner you can color your hair using vegetable coloring with NO Peroxide or Ammonia based coloring kits 3 months after your last chemo.  It takes 6 months after your last chemo for your hair follicles to Fully recover from chemo.

Q. How long until I can get it trimmed or cut?
A. You can trim your hair a little at a time - so no great chunks of hair
off - surprisingly the roots do not like this!  3 months after the last treatment for a good haircut otherwise a trim is fine.

Q. How long does the follicle continue to be fragile after all of the
treatment is complete?
A. At least six months

Q. When can I go back to using my normal deodorant/ antiperspirant.
A. It is not recommended that you use deodorant with Aluminium as an
ingredient. But if you are going to use such a product it is best to wait
until after six months. The reason for this is, aluminium is a binding agent
and is transferred all over the body, including the scalp.

Q. Can I get my hair wet in the shower? Can I stand under a rain shower
faucet in my shower?
A. Heat is the thing to avoid. So If you are washing your hair, keep the
water cooler than body temperature. So to answer the question it will be
best to use a wall shower head where the water is not falling direct on your
scalp whilst its hot water - unless you like cool showers??

Q. Can I wear it in a ponytail?
A. Yes, just be careful not to pull on the roots - it takes six months
before the hair follicles fully recover.

Q. What about clips to keep it out of my face or put it up?
A. Yes, again avoid putting too much strain on an individual patch of hair.

A note on hair shedding:

Hair shedding is normal; Cold Cap Therapy works by protecting the young to medium hair follicle bulbs against the chemotherapeutic drugs. The chemotherapeutic drugs accelerate old hair follicles to shed early, thus hair shedding (plus natural hair shedding occurs). Please also remember everybody's metabolism is different, so hair shedding can happen at different times. It can be heavy or light and start and stop for over a month after chemo, so stay on the same hair care regimen and follow the after-chemo hair care recommendations that were emailed to you.

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