Marsha Power

Ali the alligator recently joined our team from New Orleans. Four Garbonians picked her up at a gift shop to bring home to me to cheer me up. She’s already taking on a life of her own!

Ali is taking her job seriously – she’s already learned how to shampoo, she’s growing out her beautiful hair, and she’s making product recommendations… We know that our skin dries out in wintertime with indoor heaters and drier air, so to add moisture I’ve always personally loved Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil. Well, Ali’s favorite is Hand Relief, and I can’t help but agree with her – it’s great for keeping our skin soft and supple.

Ali is also serious about her status as a new Texan, and is begging us to take her on a trip to the Capitol, which she thinks is a pretty big deal! Keep an eye out for Ali on Garbo’s social media, in the salon, and anytime you’re out and about in Austin. She’s excited to make Austin, and Garbo A Salon, her new home!

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